Mosoblles Shatura branch officials explain how to collect dead wood without breaking the law

Is it possible to put tree fragments found in the forest in the trunk of a personal car? Will the foresters consider it arbitrary and a violation of the law? BSh readers were interested in this topic and since the forest order is under the control of the Forest Committee of the Moscow Region, we … Read more

Smolenskaya Gazeta – “United Russia” proposes the launch of projects to ensure the safety of children’s entertainment

News United Russia’s initiatives in the field of summer recreation and children’s recreation will help ensure the safety of children and their employment during the holidays, said Anna Kuznetsova, chairwoman of the United Russia Committee on Maternity Protection. Childhood and Family Support, Vice-President of the State Duma. speaker Anna Kuznetsova. A number of provisions of … Read more

Glamping, camping and hotels in the Moscow region will be developed according to uniform standards

Domestic tourism is becoming increasingly popular, including in the Moscow region. Shatura is no exception. In October last year, the village “DASOS” appeared in the district of the city. Its owner, Nikita Gorelov, attended a meeting with Andrey Vorobyov, Governor of the Moscow Region. During the meeting, a new measure was proposed to support glamping … Read more

“Not to Canelos, or rather watch out.” The experts made their predictions for the match Golovkin – Murata – Boxing / MMA

Golovkin – Murata. “Not until Canelo, or better yet be safe”, the well-known portal notes in the title of its article. After a complete loss in 2021, former IBF middleweight and now “mere world champion” Gennady Golovkin is finally back in the ring. And if all goes well in the away game against Japan’s Ryota … Read more

Transbaikalia catches fire on Forest Day – Kommersant Novosibirsk

In the Trans-Baikal Territory, it was possible to put out a forest fire of about 100 hectares – the first of this season. The fire was not natural, but man-made. The culprit, an employee of a livestock unit, spent agricultural fire and did not watch the fire. The regional Ministry of Emergency Situations notes that … Read more