Russified McDonald’s: What surprised the people of Yekaterinburg at Tasty – And this is

Yekaterinburg residents note that they are missing some items from the menu A photograph: Alexei BOULATOV In Yekaterinburg, on June 20, three parts of the former McDonald’s resumed their work. Now the foundation is called “Tasty – and that’s it”. The restaurant “KP-Ekaterinburg” on Malysheva Street to try old – new dishes and find out … Read more

Miratorg has opened a branded Steak & Burger burger shop in Bryansk

On April 15, in Bryansk, the Miratorg farm opened a burger shop with the Steak & Burger brand in Bryansk. The authors of Bryansk Lens visited the opening and tasted burgers at a new restaurant in the Melnitsa shopping center at 100 Krasnoarmeiskaya Street. Juicy cutlet as a main ingredient Burger “Steak & Burger” in … Read more