Narcissus: a narcissus and tulip farm as a flower therapy – Business

A few years ago, Tatyana Dozmorova worked as a programmer, but she realized more and more clearly: she wants change. Looking for a new business, one day she realized she was very inspired by flowers. And soon she was already actively involved in setting up her own farm with daffodils and tulips. After that, Tatiana’s … Read more

The large-scale tourist project “Preserved Forest” lacks a decision with a strong will | infopro54

– Alexander Vsevolodovich, in 2014 you announced the project for the creation of the Zapovedny Les park and in 2016 you transferred it to the Investment Council of the Novosibirsk Region. Judging by the report of the investment commissioner, it is still on the list of investment plans of the Novosibirsk mayor’s office marked “to … Read more

New attraction in Vladimir

Remember the phrase from the movie “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath”: “Now almost every Soviet city has its own Cheryomushki”? Now Vladimir has his own Cheryomushki At the end of May, the long-awaited opening of the Cheryomushki shopping center took place in the area of ​​the legendary Fakel clothing market. This fact, without … Read more

4 tips to get rid of the habit of getting stuck in trouble

EREVAN, June 5. New Armenia. Emotional or compulsive overeating is a problem that occurs against the background of chronic stress and the problem. In the language of psychologists, it is a strategy of dealing with stress and irritability, in which more food is consumed than the body needs to function normally. As a result, overweight … Read more

The number of criminal cases in the field of logging has risen sharply in the Altai Republic | infopro54

In the last two years, at least 8,000 cedars have been cut illegally in the Turochak region alone. These are the results of inspections carried out by the Altai Republic Commission of Inquiry into the logging sector in the region. On May 27, the Arbitration Court of the Republic imposed a moratorium on the work … Read more

Restaurants are exploring a location. How promising is it to open a new business in Russia »

Posted by: Today, 10:08 The Russian McDonald’s, apparently, decided on the name, but not on the menu. Throughout the weekend, the media, citing sources, claimed that the new chain would be called Fun and Tasty and that, despite the assurances of the owners, the old menu could not be saved: for example, Big Tasty and … Read more

what holiday is today, what can and can not be done on this day

We share with you relevant information for this day. See what day it is today, what its characteristics are, its impact on personality, health, business and money, what warnings, birthday’s and general recommendations. Monday 30 May is the 150th day of 2022, there are 215 days remaining until the new year 2023. In Baranovichi Sunrise … Read more

Did Kosterevsky hunters and fishermen illegally occupy the shores of the lake in a nature reserve?

In the Vladimir region, the owners of a tourist hunting and fishing base in the Petushinsky region are accused of causing more than 5 million rubles in damage to nature. The criminal case was investigated by SledKom The head of a public organization from the Petushinsky region is accused of violating the status of the … Read more

“Small Business News”: Learning to do delicious simple things

Such a “recipe” was given to the participants in the Gastronomic Forum of St. Petersburg by Pskov restaurant Andrey Filatov, writes the News of Small Business. One of the sections of the program of the Gastronomic Assembly that took place recently in our city was called “Gastronomic trends and brands: the best experience of the … Read more

Schrτινdinger’s cat disappeared in Novodevyatkino. In zoodiagnostics

A noble cat disappeared after mating with a rare polydice. 47news heard those for whom cats are sometimes nothing personal, just a fight. In the near future, the Court of Vsevolozhsk will be scheduled for the first hearing in a non-trivial case – the loss of a Mei-Kun cat. The name is Amelia Polar Lynx … Read more