The forest is still growing in China – Kommersant Newspaper No. 101 (7302) dated 06/09/2022

Russia’s traditionally export-oriented timber market is gradually beginning to feel the effects of a ban on deliveries to Europe and other “unfriendly” countries. According to the results of the first five months, the market showed positive results, but some companies are already working on the warehouse. In the next half of the year, market participants … Read more

Areas of Empathy – Kommersant St. Petersburg

The coronavirus pandemic has forced about 20% of restaurants to close, but is being replaced by other mobile cafes, restaurants and up-to-date concepts, better prepared for the crisis and better suited to the needs of the time. According to Tatyana Mineeva, Commissioner for Business Rights in Moscow, one-fifth of restaurants in the capital have either … Read more

Autonomous source of bankruptcy – Kommersant Saratov

The Saratov District Arbitration Court has filed for bankruptcy of the Autonomous Current Source Plant LLC (AIT plant). LLC Hirti from Kazan seeks recognition of the Saratov company as insolvent, to which, judging by the materials of the case, the AIT factory owes 8.55 million rubles. In March of this year, Metallon JSC from St. … Read more

control via voice assistant and from smartphone / Comfortable home and home appliances / iXBT Live

A convenient transfer oven for fast cooking of delicious and healthy food with smart functions: with application and activation through a voice assistant. The Hiper IoT Air Fryer F1 can be controlled either directly from a smartphone or tablet, by selecting one of the recipes with just 2 clicks, or via commands, for example, using … Read more

We came in large numbers there – Kommersant Newspaper No. 55 (7256) dated 31/03/2022

According to the UN, almost 4 million refugees left Ukraine in the last month. About 3.3 million of them have settled in EU countries. Authorities and hundreds of thousands of locals are coming to help people who have fled their homes. However, European capitals fear that if the “special military operation” lasts for a long … Read more

Bananas improve eyesight, but not all

The benefits of banana – one of the most popular products among Russians – have long been known and researchers continue to find new healing properties in them. Thus, according to American scientists, regular consumption of these fruits improves eyesight. The main edible protectors of eye health are considered to be carrots and blueberries. However, … Read more

The forest descends to China

Russian timber traders, despite the absence of direct sanctions against the industry, faced a foreclosure not only in Europe, which accounted for about a third of sales, but also in other countries due to the refusal of the largest container carriers to cooperate with Russia. Federation. According to market participants, it will not be so … Read more

Lumberjacks – Kommersant Newspaper No. 204 (7166) dated 11/11/2021

Some environmental organizations, including Greenpeace Russia and WWF Russia, are urging Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin to abandon the improvement of the city’s natural areas. According to the plans of the officials, about 28 billion rubles will be spent for the “order” of the city parks. in the next three years. Environmentalists insist that the value … Read more