Abrau-Durso will host for the first time a large-scale yoga festival “Equilibrium”

On August 20 and 21, the Abrau-Durso Tourism Center invites guests to the first “Balance” yoga festival by Yoga Magazine! For two days, the festival guests will be fully immersed in the culture of yoga, getting acquainted with the basics of a healthy lifestyle, as well as outdoor activities. The Balance Festival will bring together … Read more

Short route. Bitsevsky Park will have a front entrance with a seating area

One of Moscow’s largest parks – “Bitsevsky Forest” – does not yet have a “front” entrance A photograph: Michael FROLOF Comfortable way One of the largest parks in Moscow – “Bitsevsky Forest” – does not yet have a “front” entrance. Correct this omission is planned in the major repairs department of the capital. The front … Read more

Old things are not rubbish, but raw materials: How nature helps in the ecological center “Vyatka without rubbish”

The ecological center accepts 22 types of recyclables. Photo: https://vk.com/vyatkabezmusora On April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day, the purpose of which is to draw our attention to the fragility and vulnerability of the planet. In Russia, it is considered a holiday of public organizations that carry out various environmental events and actions. On the … Read more

Meteorologists tell Krasnoyarsk residents what the weather will be like in April

Residents of Krasnoyarsk are waiting for a warm April A photograph: Maria Lents The traditional press conference dedicated to the weather of the month and the risks associated with it took place at the KP-Krasnoyarsk Press Center. Central Siberian UGMS forecaster Dmitry Ulyanov said the weather in Krasnoyarsk will be in April 2022. The month … Read more

Quiet courtyard in the Bitsevsky forest: Modern sports and leisure facilities to be equipped in Yasenevo

Design solution for the ecological path in Solovyinoy proezd. Photo: mos.ru Moscow authorities have decided what one of the neutral zone recreation centers around the Bitsevsky Forest Natural and Historical Park in the Yasenevo region will look like. There will be updated children and sports areas, walking routes and leisure areas. These transformations will reduce … Read more

“Disco dancer” will not interfere with the new owner – Kommersant Chelyabinsk

Sold in Chelyabinsk for 32.1 million rubles. exhibited a dance restaurant “Dancer Disco”. Located in the city center, in the business center Arkaim Plaza, the facility, which includes two rooms with 160 seats and two VIP zones, is for sale with facilities and available equipment. Experts consider the declared amount questionable due to the outdated … Read more