important in St. Petersburg, June 20, 2022

City June 20, 2022 From metal to composite From next year, St. Petersburg will begin to use massively complex domestic pipes for heating networks. In the future, a factory may appear to produce them. When laying cold water pipes, the use of composite materials has already become the rule. For heating networks, due to temperature … Read more

There will be no revelation: the dirtiest city on the planet is overgrown with greenery

A photograph: Valery ZVONAREV Residents of the small industrial town of Karabash in the Chelyabinsk region have long been accustomed to jokes about the third horns on cows and mushrooms with eyes. And in the search you will find a million links to the dirtiest city on the planet. Industrialists came to these places in … Read more

10 reasons to choose Anapa for your vacation

Why you should definitely go to Anapa. A photograph: Eugenia Hilko Anapa is one of the most popular resorts among most Russians. It is in this resort that already in June you can enjoy the sandy beach and enjoy the warm sea. There are many attractions here – each place is unique in its own … Read more

Garden in the city. Local historian – about life in Lesnoy

City June 15, 2022 In summer, in the neighborhoods around Tharrou Square, a “newcomer” can easily get lost. And this is no exaggeration: the high-rise apartment buildings built here in the 1960s are almost completely hidden by greenery and the streets often look like park alleys. According to a local resident, local historian and guide … Read more

The Arctic is in the hands of volunteers: the 7th season of the “It’s gone” eco-marathon has started in Russia

More than 170 teams and 1,200 participants of the Good Works corporate program gathered to start the traditional race for good deeds. Photo: Alexander Sabakar More than 170 teams and 1,200 participants of the Good Works corporate program gathered to start the traditional race for good deeds. “When it all started, we could not imagine … Read more

News portal of Pushkino city and Pushkin urban area

Residents and activists have differing views on the planned improvement of the Severny Forest Park by the Pushkinsky District administration. We publish the material of the activist Maria Makarova and remind you that June 3 is the last day for submitting your proposals on the eve of the personal public debates that will take place … Read more

Summer is off the calendar. What will the weather be like in St. Petersburg in June?

Natalia Mironicheva, head of the long-term forecast department of the St. Petersburg Hydrometeorological Center City 01 June 2022 Cherry and sakura are slow to bloom this spring. Yes, and the lilac, which at the end of May is usually in the last stage of its wonderful decoration, is now just blooming. But we had a … Read more