The Arctic is in the hands of volunteers: the 7th season of the “It’s gone” eco-marathon has started in Russia

More than 170 teams and 1,200 participants of the Good Works corporate program gathered to start the traditional race for good deeds. Photo: Alexander Sabakar More than 170 teams and 1,200 participants of the Good Works corporate program gathered to start the traditional race for good deeds. “When it all started, we could not imagine … Read more

Perepel and Rake – Weekend – Kommersant

Περεπέλ Magic sparrow with kiwi If the “new Russian bar” Perepel had not been opened in the bar complex in Sadovoye by the team of the most experienced mixologist-restaurant Dmitry Sokolov and the managing partner Eva Chernysheva (15 Kitchen + bar), then it should have been invented and opened with anyone else way. Incredibly, the … Read more

Restaurateur Orlov: 99% of the employees in my restaurants

In April 2022, the businessman faced a flurry of criticism from the Kazakhs: the public found his remarks about the inadequacies of local staff offensive and the tension hung on the restaurant’s social networks. The businessman believes that his words were misinterpreted. – I just meant that we bring top executives to Kazakhstan to train … Read more

Folk and Bijou – Weekend – Kommersant

Traditional Authentic sea bass with a sting The Folk restaurant is a happy child of one of the restaurant’s newly formed triads, whose inexhaustible abundance and strange diversity we have never ceased to surprise. This time, the “who is with whom and where” combination turned out to be new for all three participants, and therefore … Read more

The list of trophies can be expanded – Kommersant newspaper no. 212 (6450) dated 19/11/2018

The Ministry of Natural Resources is examining the feasibility of hunting trophies for animals belonging to rare and endangered species, the department said in response to a question from Kommersant about a letter sent to State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik, a member of the Mountain Hunters Club. to Deputy Minister Ivan Valentik. Mr. Reznik proposes … Read more

Yeast and Alpaca – Weekend – Kommersant

Yeast Magic roasted grapes A new long-awaited Lucky Group project called Maya opened in Bolshaya Nikitskaya, next to Lucky, Loro, Koji and T1. The new restaurant turned out to be unexpectedly large – it was designed for 140 seats. Compared to all the previous works of Ivan Kukarsky, Bogdan Panchenko and Glen Ballis, this is … Read more

Ten wagon bombs per shed: how the Russian army invaded Azovstal

The war here was reminiscent of battles in the cities of Syria – Homs, Aleppo or on the outskirts of Damascus A photograph: Dmitry STESIN TO THE ENEMY 200 METERS None of us knew then that in a few hours the most rational decision in Moscow would be made: to block the Nazis from Azov … Read more

Parmigiano Group Increases Competitiveness – Forbes Kazakhstan

The history of the Parmigiano Group dates back to 2011. It was then that businessman Almas Abdygapparov opened his first restaurant – Parmigiano Ristorante, in which food, atmosphere and level of service became the standard – synonymous with position and success. The innovative and ideological inspirer of the Parmigiano Group, Almas Abdygapparov, embodied his personal … Read more

The unions started – Kommersant Voronezh

The Voronezh Regional Trade Union Council (Oblsovprof) is preparing to give the regional authorities for “free use” one of its main assets, the Central Trade Union Stadium (TsSP), for five years. Fakel, which is fighting for access to the Premier League, is playing home games in this arena and the mutual claims of the football … Read more