“Water of Russia” will gather all the Urals volunteers to clean Lake Turgoyak

The largest volunteer event in the Federal District will gather 4,000 people. The action at Turgoyak will be a real celebration for all participants. The volunteers will put things in order in many places along the shore of a huge lake and then organize an entertainment program, delicious treats and useful master classes. Turgoyak is … Read more

Which restaurants and cafes operate on the coast of Odessa during the war: Top 5 facilities

Despite the fact that war is raging in the country and in Odessa there is always a high probability of a threat of rockets and landings, the businessmen of Odessa are optimistic about the situation and are preparing vigorously and especially for the festive season. So, recently, some restaurants and cafes have opened on the … Read more

The “Sail” was sent for reconstruction – Kommersant Kazan

The Tatarstan authorities will spend 6.7 million rubles. for the reconstruction of the building on the banks of the river Kazanka, where the Parus restaurant used to be. Instead of entertainment facilities, the Institute of Spatial Planning of the Republic of Tatarstan, established in January, will operate here, which will deal with the “analysis and … Read more

There is no forest beyond the Emerald Coast – Kommersant Krasnodar

The Krasnodar Territory Ministry of Natural Resources could not return more than two hectares of forest in the village of Arkhipo-Osipovka (part of Gelendzhik) to court. By decision of the Supreme Court (SC) of the Russian Federation, the contract for the lease of a forest plot with the construction company Emerald Coast is not subject … Read more

The Black Sea diluted with rain – Picture of the day – Kommersant

In Crimea and on the shores of the Black Sea in the Krasnodar Territory, where heavy rains began yesterday, work is underway to eliminate the consequences of the disaster. Houses, streets and even entire neighborhoods are flooded. Authorities are urging residents to be prepared to leave as the weather worsens. IN Krasnodar Territory, where it … Read more