Fiber Fiber Controversy Science and life

Different components of dietary fiber affect our physiology in different ways. Cellulose, or dietary fiber, is the name given to plant cell walls, which are made up of complex polymers – cellulose, lignin, etc. bacteria love it very much. And the effect of the microflora on our physiology is extremely great, and if the microflora … Read more

Time for the adventurous. It turns out that Russian football can also bring joy!

Wednesday’s three quarterfinals inspired us: we have a real cup! Last Wednesday gave us three of the most brilliant cup quarterfinals. In addition, he was in full compliance with the genre, the essence of which is known to all: anyone can win a race. That, in fact, is the charm of the cup – and … Read more

In England, footballers caught doping were covered en masse. Tragic scandal

Among the perpetrators were Premier League players, but none of them have been punished yet. Is it just different? Through the efforts of the international press, doping in recent years has been associated mainly with Russian athletes. Similar cases in “civilized countries” are often bypassed by newspapers without causing scandals. However, this time it was … Read more

With dad by the hand. Why does Juran need a “fake” footballer?

Artyom Yuran could not play in Latvia and Rotor, but made his RPL debut at the age of 24 on his father’s team. When a father leads his four-year-old son by the hand, this is a cute picture. When you are 24 years old, it is already strange. And Sergey Yuran leads Artyom’s son just … Read more

It’s time for La Liga to look to the future. Why did Pellegrini call the Spanish championship a “shame”?

Betis’s coach’s statement is not just a collection of emotional words. The truth speaks through the mouth of Pellegrini … What did Pellegrini say? In the 2nd round of La Liga, Betis played a draw at home with Cadiz (1: 1). Naturally, the home coach Manuel Pellegrini was disappointed. Because of this, extremely unpleasant, but … Read more

Street bullying and Internet threats. Because two Russian footballers were expelled from Europe

The Czech authorities were waiting for only one excuse to get rid of legionnaires from Russia. Athletes from Russia are not too happy to see abroad recently – football is no exception. The national team was not allowed to compete to qualify for the World Cup and the clubs were expelled from European competitions. He … Read more

Rodnina broke Russian footballers for laziness and sour faces. Is this really her job?

Even Tarasova supported the great figure skater. But Russian football also has defenders! Russian football no longer kicks only the lazy. In addition, not only experts on the couches, but also worthy champions criticize our footballers and footballers. The opinion of three-time figure skating Olympian Irina Rodnina literally divided the public. While some agree with … Read more

Can Russia still reach the World Cup? Poland is already sounding the alarm

It seems that FIFA and UEFA are playing it safe. But the Poles are not happy with such behavior of officials. Russia’s national football team has a chance to reach the Qatar World Cup. The suspension of our national team from international matches is not yet irreversible and final. At least the Polish media is … Read more

Best person! Barcelona punished Real for being too confident in the Clasico

Whatever the situation of Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​their personal meeting always attracts the attention of everyone. It is difficult to imagine a fight with more principles. And although in the Spanish league table the difference between the teams was 12 points, no one doubted that we were in a very serious cut. Unfortunately, only … Read more

Russia wants to host the European Championship after being expelled from world football. Is this kind of funny?

The RFU Executive Committee did not resolve the most pressing issues, but made a very exaggerated decision. However, it does make sense. On March 23, a meeting of the RFU Executive Committee was held at the Moscow Football House. He discussed, without exaggeration, fatal things about Russian football. First, there was the issue of expanding … Read more