“Orchids increase sexual drive in boars!” – Chapter C

The tricot orchid blooms in Mordovia! Maria Sosnina, 30, discovered a unique flower, listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Moldova, in her hometown of Krasnoslobodsky. She has been interested in studying flora since the age of 13 and knows a lot about the plants of her homeland. Sosnina talked about the benefits … Read more

Life hack of the day: if the child is naughty at the table | Children – Novosibirsk region

What to do with a small hesitant child when the child does not want to eat soup, but only requires sweets and soda? Children’s appetite depends to a large extent on the metabolic rate, the way of life and – you will be surprised – in general on education. How to In the diet of … Read more

Emirates News Agency – Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology completes the first sugar reduction program in the region

DUBAI, June 9, 2022 (WAM) – Representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT), in collaboration with the UAE F&B Manufacturers Group, today joined Emirates alumni and young F&B professionals for the final session of the first in the area. Knowledge Creation Program for Sugar and Calories hosted at the Tate & Lyle … Read more

Russia’s Minister of Natural Resources is expected “on the carpet” in the State Duma

Clouds appear to be gathering over Russian Natural Resources Minister Alexander Kozlov. On the eve of the official’s speech in the State Duma, he “received” extremely strong criticism from Anatoly Gresnevikov, a member of the Ecology Committee of the State Duma. The MP doubted not only the professional suitability of Kozlov, but also the professionalism … Read more

“Krechet” does not meet in half – Capital C

The Stolitsa S publication of the Krechet organization, which restricted residents of the village of Kochkur in Kachelai to public access to the forest and water bodies, caused a public outcry. A new investigation has been launched by the Prosecutor’s Office. The results will be announced later. The Ministry of Forests of the Republic of … Read more

“The chicken in the smoke was frozen”: the dilapidated restaurants were completely brazen

I already had a similar precedent: the last time a man in green scolded me for an order weighing 18 kilos (why not twenty ?!). All this seems to be in direct contradiction with the declared trend for the development of the delivery industry in the capital: in the spring of 2022, industry experts said … Read more

Citizens of Tomsk destroy Novosibirsk forest by destroying ring road

© Contribution by Evgeny Glukhov 05 June 2022, 12:08 A new forest deforestation scandal erupts in the Novosibirsk region. Residents of the Kolyvansky area said trucks with Tomsk license plates were removing timber from the area and destroying the local road. A photograph. The “Kolyvan-Pikhtovka” road was broken by timber trucks in the Kolyvansky district … Read more

Trees were cut down in Volgograd for an unauthorized road

Members of the SNT “Dubki” in the Dzerzhinsky district of Volgograd did not have time to turn a blind eye, as a road appeared in the area next to the houses in the forest. “Perennial trees grew in this place, there were alders and mountain ash, look, here the logs are left, it is clear … Read more

The climatologist said what will be the summer of 2022 in the Volgograd region

The weather of May this year surprised the residents of the Volgograd region. Residents say they do not remember such a cold May. Maybe global warming is over and global warming is coming? Then why did the unexpected heat suddenly come? Volgograd climatologist Anatoly Sudakov spoke about what is happening with the weather and the … Read more