It is possible for children to eat “harmful” foods and how to eat them properly Chalk

The May holidays are traditionally a trip out of town with barbecue and pilaf on the grill and, of course, the child is looking forward to trying them all. Is it just possible? We deal with “adult” dishes at the “children’s” table together with the gastroenterologist Olga Goryacheva. It is possible for a child to … Read more

“You know, I do not understand one thing, why are you so fat?” Students with eating disorders – to fight weight and themselves

Eating disorders have their own code in the International Classification of Diseases (F50), but many families still do not take this problem seriously in children and a visit to a psychologist is considered a waste of time and money. Two female students told Mel their stories about how they live with an eating disorder and … Read more

“Do you also throw candy on the floor at home?” How to teach your child to love nature

The May holidays will begin soon – many, according to tradition, will go to nature to relax and spend time with their families. But this weekend can also be used as an opportunity to talk to your child about the environment. What other ways are there to start talking to a child about ecology, said … Read more

I bought a puppy at Avito and threw it off the balcony: where children abuse animals and what to do about it

Recently, in one of the residential complexes in Chelyabinsk, surveillance cameras recorded how a girl entered the entrance with a puppy and immediately afterwards flew from the 12th floor and injured herself to death. Animal rights activists suggest that this is not the first time the child has done this to animals, and the girl … Read more