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“I advise the Zemsky Teacher program to all colleagues who are not afraid of change” “I chose the area for three reasons” – For the first time I learned about the Zemsky Teacher program from the Internet and for reasons of interest I went to the website to find out the details. The goal is … Read more

Russia’s Minister of Natural Resources is expected “on the carpet” in the State Duma

Clouds appear to be gathering over Russian Natural Resources Minister Alexander Kozlov. On the eve of the official’s speech in the State Duma, he “received” extremely strong criticism from Anatoly Gresnevikov, a member of the Ecology Committee of the State Duma. The MP doubted not only the professional suitability of Kozlov, but also the professionalism … Read more

The Far East is preparing for the fire season, taking into account the experience of catastrophic fires in Yakutia in 2021 – EastRussia |

In 2021, Russia faced an unprecedented magnitude of forest fires – more than 17 million hectares of forest were burned, six of them in Yakutia. In the Far East, 34 houses were destroyed by fire in the village of Byas-Kyuyol, the Lena Pillars nature reserve was set on fire on 12 August, the air pollution … Read more

The lions will easily find a common language with their mates and Sagittarius will master the practice of relaxation.

Frame from the movie “Karate Kid” CAPRICORN (Capricorn, 22.XII – 20.I) Although during the day there may be some misunderstandings with others, in general, the day will be quite good. You will find the ability to act independently useful. In the afternoon, lucky coincidences will set your mood. Many topics can be discussed with relatives … Read more

report from the sowing campaign in the area Ivanovsky – Amurskaya Pravda

mud ambush A powerful American John Deere tractor with a sowing complex, lifting a cloud of dust, leaves the field to the grain yard. There he will have to refill the bunkers with grain and fertilizer and go to the second round. Along the way it crosses several large potholes, which as they say are … Read more

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Do not you like the afternoon working hours? Boring meetings and scheduling meetings are behind us and the end of the working day is already approaching. But remember that there was an afternoon snack between lunch and dinner in kindergarten. And now you are almost certainly not, no, yes, and you will enjoy sweets right … Read more

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Photo: Selection Criteria If the device will be used not only for calls, but also for taking photos and videos, Internet access or gaming, you need to pay attention to the smallest details when buying. Price Budget often influences the choice of model in the first place. But if you study the offer carefully, … Read more

who sets fire to the Amur forests and how ready the area is for the fire season – Amurskaya Pravda

350 individuals or three groups are currently participating in the fight against forest fires in the Amur area – This year the Ministry of Forests of the Region received 545 million rubles for the protection of forests from fires. This is 134 million more than last year, – said Deputy Prime Minister of the region … Read more

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Allergy is the most common chronic disease in Europe. Some form of this disease affects from 10 to 40 percent of the world’s population and by 2025 the number of sufferers may increase to 50%. There is a stereotype that allergies are easy to recognize. Tearful eyes, runny nose, rashes – indeed, these are the … Read more

Amur residents buy land en masse and return to vegetable gardens – Amurskaya Pravda

Sanctions and vegetable prices have made Amur residents remember ducks and vegetable gardens. Photo: Pavel Zhirnov The earth will be nourished For the first time in a long time, many Amur residents will spend the May holidays not at a barbecue, but at work at their holiday home. Traditionally, during this period, the planting of … Read more