The Far East is preparing for the fire season, taking into account the experience of catastrophic fires in Yakutia in 2021 – EastRussia |

In 2021, Russia faced an unprecedented magnitude of forest fires – more than 17 million hectares of forest were burned, six of them in Yakutia. In the Far East, 34 houses were destroyed by fire in the village of Byas-Kyuyol, the Lena Pillars nature reserve was set on fire on 12 August, the air pollution … Read more

The prosecutors of Transcaucasia were planting a forest, while the builders were cutting it down

Vyacheslav Pravdin / News, 18:00, May 30 18:00 1970-01-01T09: 33: 42 Once upon a time there was a dense and lush forest in this place. Here, wolves ran after hares, squirrels ran through the trees and in autumn, nature pleased the inhabitants of Sivyakovo village with berries and mushrooms. At the beginning of the last … Read more

The forest, planted six years ago, will go under the bulldozer.

Vyacheslav Pravdin / News, 14:59, Yesterday / 14:59 1970-01-01T09: 33: 42 Spring 2015. Fire, smoke, death. Exactly seven years have passed since those terrible days of the ubiquitous raging element of fire. Tens of thousands of Tranbaikalians then came out to fight the fire with whatever they could get their hands on – from rakes … Read more

Extremely combustion mode – Picture of the day – Kommersant

The extent of forest fires in the Krasnoyarsk Territory increased by 1.6 times a day, reaching 13 thousand hectares. In the area, forces of “Avialesouhrana” are attracted from neighboring areas. A difficult situation with burning forests also developed in Khakassia and the Irkutsk region, where the area covered by fire amounted to 2.8 thousand and … Read more

The areas will be responsible for the forest – Vedomosti.Ecology

The Ministry of Natural Resources, together with the Federal Forest Service, is proposing a change in the regulatory framework, strengthening the responsibility of the federation’s affairs authorities to prevent and extinguish forest fires. Due to the innovation, which is planned to be approved before the end of spring, forest fires should be reduced by half … Read more

The forest is cut down, the sparks do not fly – Kommersant Newspaper No. 81 (7282) of 05/12/2022

The Ministry of Natural Resources intends to allow spraying in protective forests near settlements and financial facilities. Officials believe such a measure will not allow forest fires to spread to homes and businesses. Russia’s Greenpeace insists that logging near residential areas “will inevitably lead to many social conflicts and provoke a wave of popular outrage.” … Read more

Fires from space are no longer visible

Russia is entering a period of natural disasters – a state of emergency has already been declared in some parts of the Kurgan and Khakassia regions, and in 42 other regions there are various restrictions and bans on “forests”. The WWF-Russia expert points out that the fires are “above average”, but it is impossible to … Read more

The effect of smoke from forest fires on climate is being studied by Tomsk scientists

Experiments to study forest and man-made fires are being carried out by Tomsk scientists. Their task is to understand how to predict the spread of a fire and to investigate the effects of smoke on the environment and climate. Large forest fires are not a problem of an area. Smoke clouds from them can extend … Read more

Siberia erupted ahead of time – Kommersant Newspaper No. 68 (7269) of 19/04/2022

Smoke from natural fires engulfed Novosibirsk, Omsk and Krasnoyarsk. The most difficult situation with such fires is developing in Siberia, although a special fire regime that prohibits citizens from visiting forests and entering them with equipment has been introduced in the territory of 14 subjects, including Central Russia and its region. Volga. Russia’s Greenpeace notes … Read more