4 tips to get rid of the habit of getting stuck in trouble

EREVAN, June 5. New Armenia. Emotional or compulsive overeating is a problem that occurs against the background of chronic stress and the problem. In the language of psychologists, it is a strategy of dealing with stress and irritability, in which more food is consumed than the body needs to function normally. As a result, overweight … Read more

Time for the adventurous. It turns out that Russian football can also bring joy!

Wednesday’s three quarterfinals inspired us: we have a real cup! Last Wednesday gave us three of the most brilliant cup quarterfinals. In addition, he was in full compliance with the genre, the essence of which is known to all: anyone can win a race. That, in fact, is the charm of the cup – and … Read more

Golden autumn: on the 50th anniversary of Rivaldo – Football, Rivaldo, Barcelona, ​​Spanish Championship – La Liga, Champions League – Terrikon

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the legendary Rivaldo – a man who at the height of his career was considered the best in the world and ended up as a very pale shadow of himself. But on the day of the anniversary, “Terrikon” will not talk about bad things – he will remember Rivaldo … Read more

In England, footballers caught doping were covered en masse. Tragic scandal

Among the perpetrators were Premier League players, but none of them have been punished yet. Is it just different? Through the efforts of the international press, doping in recent years has been associated mainly with Russian athletes. Similar cases in “civilized countries” are often bypassed by newspapers without causing scandals. However, this time it was … Read more

Match for Stalin, golden decade. Stations in the history of Spartak :: Football :: RBC Sport

On April 18, the Spartak Moscow football club celebrated its 100th anniversary. About the most seasonal events in the history of the team – in the RBC material Read us at New News The most titled coach in the history of Spartak Oleg Romanchev while playing for the club (Photo: Spartak Press Service) Race in … Read more

Spartak is the leader in spending. How many teams have given agendas in 5 years :: Football :: RBC Sport

Each year, RFU publishes data on the amount clubs have paid their players or agents as a deduction for joining a team. RBC Sport analyzed all the data for the last five seasons among the top seven Russian teams Read us at New News Total score: The overall ranking is based on data provided by … Read more

The plan for the reform of Russian football will be written by the Dutch. What is important to know :: Football :: RBC Sport

In one year, Russian football can change completely. The biggest national leagues are waiting for a world reform, which was started by the leadership of the RFU. What the football authorities offer – in the RBC material Read us at New News Photo: Leonid Slutsky and Sergey Pryadkin (Photo: Global Look Press) League reform The … Read more

Slutsky will stop Spartak Vanoli. Intrigues of the 25th game of RPL :: Football :: RBC Sport

In the matches of the 25th game of the Russian championship, Spartak Paolo Vanoli will play with Rubin Kazan, Dinamo will host Ahmat Grozny at home and the Moscow Army team will go to Ufa to the team of the top scorer of the league Haggai. Read us at New News Photo: Global Look Press … Read more

With dad by the hand. Why does Juran need a “fake” footballer?

Artyom Yuran could not play in Latvia and Rotor, but made his RPL debut at the age of 24 on his father’s team. When a father leads his four-year-old son by the hand, this is a cute picture. When you are 24 years old, it is already strange. And Sergey Yuran leads Artyom’s son just … Read more

It’s time for La Liga to look to the future. Why did Pellegrini call the Spanish championship a “shame”?

Betis’s coach’s statement is not just a collection of emotional words. The truth speaks through the mouth of Pellegrini … What did Pellegrini say? In the 2nd round of La Liga, Betis played a draw at home with Cadiz (1: 1). Naturally, the home coach Manuel Pellegrini was disappointed. Because of this, extremely unpleasant, but … Read more