how cuttings in Primorye are called reforestation

Roslesinforg named Primorye one of the leaders in reforestation. The area of ​​coastal forests is growing faster than in other parts of the Russian Federation, and of course, the department said. However, according to coastal ecologists, the actual statistics are much sadder. SEE.RU. According to the Primorsky Ministry of Forests and Wildlife Protection of the … Read more

Let’s save the forest: over 150 million trees were planted in Russia in three years

Photo: Vladimir SMIRNOV / TASS – Hold your groove! We are not going to someone else! – Brigadier General Alexander shouts loudly into the loudspeaker. He is the one who leads the volunteers who plant forests in the Istra region of the Moscow region. We – and this is about a hundred volunteers – try … Read more

Top 5 ecological trails in Perm – KP.Ru

For active people, ecotrail is one of the ways to have a good time, with benefits for the health of the mind and body. The flowery beginning of summer is the best time for nature walks, so Komsomolskaya Pravda has gathered a selection of the most interesting and verdant ecological trails in the city. “Road … Read more

The bear destroyed the hives in the apiary in the village of Tomsk, the other pulled the horse

Dmitry Kandinsky / Experts are watching three bears that went to settlements in different parts of the Tomsk region – one destroyed the hives in the apiary, the other, according to eyewitnesses, pulled a horse, another bear walks near two villages. It is not yet planned to shoot bears, but such a decision can … Read more

Top 5 Dangerous Myths About Fires

About 100,000 hectares of forest are burned every year in Russia. Photo: Evgeny SOFRONEV / TASS About 100,000 hectares of forest are burned every year in Russia. This is not just a myth, but the truth, and bitter. Imagine: a small private house in the village burned down. Suffering? Even some! What if a hectare … Read more

“It’s scary not to find the dead, but the dying”: search engines say they’re looking for missing children

They all came together for a common goal – to find a child alive A photograph: Evgeniya OSTRAYA – Generally, we do not take such with us, – Marina said harshly, but motherly, looking at him, if I may say so, my equipment. – Are you the ones who gathered in the forest, where there … Read more

The Leningrad region is turning green: 147 thousand trees were planted in the region every day

Since the beginning of the season, 2.3 thousand hectares of live carpet have been restored, which is 39 percent of the plan for the year. Source: Administration of the Leningrad Region The Leningrad region is a green area and does not complain about the lack of forests, but caring for them has been integrated into … Read more

The Far East is preparing for the fire season, taking into account the experience of catastrophic fires in Yakutia in 2021 – EastRussia |

In 2021, Russia faced an unprecedented magnitude of forest fires – more than 17 million hectares of forest were burned, six of them in Yakutia. In the Far East, 34 houses were destroyed by fire in the village of Byas-Kyuyol, the Lena Pillars nature reserve was set on fire on 12 August, the air pollution … Read more

A Bashkir postman has been hiding for 21 years that he killed his young son because of her love for a man

The photo of the missing boy was spread in all Sibay newspapers “Ilmir Alimaev has disappeared (from now on, all the names have changed.” Ed.). 11 years. Height 147 cm., Slender build, Mongoloid type of face, dark straight hair, dark brown eyes, thin lips. On the morning of June 27, 2001, he left the house … Read more

Citizens of Tomsk destroy Novosibirsk forest by destroying ring road

© Contribution by Evgeny Glukhov 05 June 2022, 12:08 A new forest deforestation scandal erupts in the Novosibirsk region. Residents of the Kolyvansky area said trucks with Tomsk license plates were removing timber from the area and destroying the local road. A photograph. The “Kolyvan-Pikhtovka” road was broken by timber trucks in the Kolyvansky district … Read more