“If you do not know, do not take it”: where and which mushrooms can be collected in the Samara area

The mushroom season began in the Samara region A photograph: Ksenia TIMOFEEVA The Samara region is famous for its extensive forests, where more than two hundred species of various edible mushrooms, berries and herbs grow. Lovers of “quiet hunting” know exactly when and where you can pick up a whole basket of delicious delicacies. The … Read more

in the State Duma discuss the introduction of a moratorium on certain articles of the forest code | Society news

Last week, parliamentary journalists were reminded of an honest and very lively debate on the forest. Such a meeting on the first day of summer was arranged by the State Duma Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. MEPs decide whether or not to impose a moratorium on adjustments Article 29 of the Forest … Read more

Former Undersecretary of State for Far East Development extends arrest in Khabarovsk over high-profile multimillion-dollar subsidy case in “Asia Forest”

Former Deputy Head of the Far East Development Ministry Alexander Krutikov did not change the restraining order A photograph: Government of EAO The former deputy head of the Far East Development Ministry, Alexander Krutikov, did not change the measure of restraint and extended the detention. We remind you that the former official is suspected of … Read more

The prosecutors of Transcaucasia were planting a forest, while the builders were cutting it down

Vyacheslav Pravdin / News, 18:00, May 30 18:00 1970-01-01T09: 33: 42 Once upon a time there was a dense and lush forest in this place. Here, wolves ran after hares, squirrels ran through the trees and in autumn, nature pleased the inhabitants of Sivyakovo village with berries and mushrooms. At the beginning of the last … Read more

Within the walls of the Buryatia parliament, they announced their readiness for demonstrations in defense of the suburban forest

The speaker of the regional parliament addressed the question to the new head of the Democratic Forest Service, Sergei Borosnoev, who was present at the meeting. He replied that the decision was taken by his predecessor and the issue of transferring the forest to the Central Control Commission of Selenginsky has existed, as it turns … Read more

forest in the province of Odintsovo is given for development Social news

More than 700 hectares of forest could be removed from the forest fund area in the urban area of ​​Odintsovo in a dubious way. Lawyer and social activist Anton Mogilnikov spoke about this in May, during a roundtable discussion in the Moscow Regional Duma. The activist became famous after numerous actions to protect another “green” … Read more

Extreme Sports, View Bridges and Rain Lake – How to Renovate Bishops’ Grove in Belgorod

Photo: Sergey Egorov In Belgorod, four headquarters are to be renovated. Only works for them were available 183 million rubles. We have already written about the changes in Central Park, the street of the 50th anniversary of the Belgorod Region and the embankment of the Seversky Donets. The last object remained – the Bishop’s Grove, … Read more

A large fire broke out in the Altai Territory – Readovka.news

The Ministry of Natural Resources claims that this happened due to a spark from a diesel engine A forest fire broke out in the Zavyalovsky district of the Altai Territory on May 24. To date, about 500 hectares of land have already been engulfed in fire, including 80 hectares of forest, including the territory of … Read more

Fire near Yakutsk may spread to forest area – Readovka.news

Residents of Yakutsk are sharing videos on the internet – dense smoke has been detected on the outskirts of the city. The landfill caught fire, the area of ​​the fire is about 500 square meters. According to some reports, the fire could spread to the forest area, Readovka reports. According to the authorities, the fire … Read more

Things collapsed – Kommersant Krasnodar

6.5 hectares of forest land were returned to the ownership of the Russian Federation. Particularly valuable plots with a cadastral value of over 400 million rubles. is located in the village of Myskhako (Novorossiysk). About ten years ago, the land became privately owned and was designed for the construction of private homes. The violation was … Read more