The forest is out of archive – Kommersant Newspaper No. 236 (7198) dated 12/27/2021

The timber companies are asking the government to postpone the introduction of electronic forestry accounting in the Russian Federation for at least six months due to the unavailability of the modernized LeSEGAIS system. It is scheduled to launch on January 1 and in its current form threatens to collapse the entire industry, market participants say. … Read more

They cut down the forest – the chairs are flying – Kommersant Newspaper No 20 (7221) of 04/02/2022

Kommersant has been briefed on the details of a high-profile criminal case in which the accused are former high-ranking officials in charge of the Moscow region forestry department. The Russian Investigative Committee (TFR) believes he was part of a criminal group that, under the guise of health and leisure activities, organized the felling of entire … Read more

The farther into the forest, the more fake – Kommersant Newspaper No. 49 (7250) of 23/03/2022

The State Duma on Tuesday resolved two issues related to the military operation in Ukraine. First, lawmakers launched a parliamentary inquiry into the activities of US biological laboratories on Ukrainian soil. Immediately after the second and third readings, amendments to the Penal Code and the Code of Administrative Offenses were adopted, introducing the same punishment … Read more

The Russian model of forest care needs to be improved

The annual growth of forests in Finland is 3.5–4 cubic meters. m / ha per year, while at the same time in similar climatic conditions in neighboring Karelia – only 1.5 cubic meters. m / hectare per year. The Finns achieve this increase by repeatedly taking care of the forest. The model dominates in our … Read more

“Either the goblin is now zealous, or only a wild boar is coming towards me”: wild boars have become more active in Moscow and the Moscow region

A photograph: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS You read all kinds of forums on the Internet and you can not believe your eyes. For example, a man writes: “I once took my dog ​​for a walk in the Bitsevsky forest. He threw sticks at the avalanches and brought them to me obediently. Suddenly I look at a … Read more

“It is better to prevent a fire than to fight the fire heroically later”: We are talking about the main environmental projects in the Rostov region

Southern summer is always dangerous for the few forests of the Rostov region. Photo: Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Republic of Kazakhstan How do the “green lungs” of the Don area feel now, where are the main problems and what is being done to ensure our children a healthy “tomorrow”? The most … Read more

Transbaikalia catches fire on Forest Day – Kommersant Novosibirsk

In the Trans-Baikal Territory, it was possible to put out a forest fire of about 100 hectares – the first of this season. The fire was not natural, but man-made. The culprit, an employee of a livestock unit, spent agricultural fire and did not watch the fire. The regional Ministry of Emergency Situations notes that … Read more