“The chicken in the smoke was frozen”: the dilapidated restaurants were completely brazen

I already had a similar precedent: the last time a man in green scolded me for an order weighing 18 kilos (why not twenty ?!). All this seems to be in direct contradiction with the declared trend for the development of the delivery industry in the capital: in the spring of 2022, industry experts said … Read more

Electric vehicles are a clean future for Moscow

Conscious attitude towards natural resources and environmental responsibility is what distinguishes a citizen of the 21st century. It is not fashionable today to take care only of oneself; one must also take care of nature. Separate garbage collection, recycling of old clothes, going to the store with a reusable shopping bag and abandoning daily car … Read more

It is not only Zenit in St. Petersburg that plays football

In Berlin, Hertha Bundesliga merged with the Union, representing the eastern part of the capital, the former GDR. The Roman derby between Lazio and Roma is one of the hottest in Serie A. There are six Premier League teams in London. Even in the French capital, FC Paris play in Ligue 2, which, at the … Read more

Friends among strangers: how Russians live abroad

Their behavior on social networks changed dramatically: the aggression was followed by calls for calm and after many hours of silence, dozens of messages. And short messages in personal correspondence: “All is well”, “Against the background of what is happening, how can we remain friends?” While reading this, I sometimes wanted to gently put my … Read more

The vet told how to feed pets in a crisis

In connection with recent events, along with cereals and flour, imported feed is being swept off the shelves. There is panic among cat and dog owners, everyone is trying to make a six-month supply. Anna Suaro, a veterinarian and nutritionist, told MK about whether domestic feed manufacturers would be able to replace foreign supplies and … Read more

Denis Laktionov: “We must not lead our football to the Asian Championship”

In the headline created by MK with the Home Coaches Association, we discussed the results of previous matches with footballer and coach Denis Laktionov, who has played for South Korean clubs for a long time, and also talked about possible Asian prospects. for our football in relation to European sports sanctions. Zenit – Arsenal – … Read more