Rospotrebnadzor called the main trend in the field of healthy eating

Official representative of Rospotrebnadzor, information curator of the Rospotrebnadzor project “Healthy eating” Ekaterina Golovkova A photograph: Julia PYKALOVA At SPIEF 2022, Rospotrebnadzor spokeswoman Ekaterina Golovkova, Rospotrebnadzor Healthy Nutrition Information Officer, told Komsomolskaya Pravda why millions of Russians have changed their diet over the past three years and are following suit. Finding reliable PP information is … Read more

“He screamed so loud he was hoarse”: in Buryatia, a wild garlic collection collided with a bear – Society

How to behave when you meet a taiga oystercatcher A resident of the Tunkinsky area of ​​Buryatia went to the forest for wild garlic and met a bear. The clumsy man suddenly found himself right in front of the man and immediately got to his feet. The details of the terrible meeting, the hero of … Read more

How not to get lost in the Yugra forest: tips from rescuers

Dozens of people are lost in the forests of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region every year, in Russia the number reaches thousands. Not everyone can do it alive. According to rescuers, hundreds of people were found dead or not found at all. Most people get lost in late summer and early fall when they go to … Read more

Foods for the home. What is at stake in preventive medicine of the future?

Pharmacology uses the experience of observation and study that has accumulated over the centuries A photograph: Shutterstock About one of the main modern trends, which offers an answer to the question “what to do to be healthy?” says the Doctor of Biological Sciences, head. Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of the Voronezh State University of … Read more

“Two meters from the missile there is a sandbox”: a family from Yekaterinburg left for Donbass to help those in need

Together with his wife, Fagim went to Donbass to help people who were left homeless. Photo: ICPO “Food for Life” – The eye contracted. So what to do? At some point, you realize that such things happen, that you can not stay away, – says Fagim Sadyakov, a programmer from Yekaterinburg. Together with his wife, … Read more

Top 5 Dangerous Myths About Fires

About 100,000 hectares of forest are burned every year in Russia. Photo: Evgeny SOFRONEV / TASS About 100,000 hectares of forest are burned every year in Russia. This is not just a myth, but the truth, and bitter. Imagine: a small private house in the village burned down. Suffering? Even some! What if a hectare … Read more

Doctors describe what really happens to vegans

At the request of KP, the expert analyzed the data of numerous scientific studies and evaluated the vegetarian diet from the point of view of evidence-based medicine. A photograph: Shutterstock More and more seasonal fruits and vegetables are available in shops, markets and cottages. But what if you try to at least temporarily switch to … Read more

Pies with snow and goodies for the forest: How the Leningrad Veps keep the old traditions of the 21st century

The Vepsians, although few in number, are far ahead of Vod and Izhora. A photograph: From a personal file In Russia, there are less than six thousand of them, in the Leningrad region and in St. Petersburg – about a thousand. But in the villages their wonderful language is heard and the bread is baked … Read more

Hell crack and electric shock: a stun gun will help when you meet a bear in the woods

We tell you if the stun gun will protect you from a bear. Photo: Alexey STEFANOV, Asya ZHUKOVA. A photograph: Asia ZOUKOVA A terrible crack and a loud bang: can a stun gun protect you when you meet a bear in the woods? And, if it does not neutralize it at all, then at least … Read more

Where in Kirov do they collect garbage separately and what do they do with it

Aleksandra Zasukhina came to the eco-center to donate recyclables and… stayed there to work. Photos provided by the heroine of the publication On June 5, World Ecologist Day, we spoke with Alexandra Zasukhina, an SMM specialist at Vyatka Without Garbage. The girl came to conscious consumption and disposal of garbage before she even got acquainted … Read more