Great projects for promising resources – Kommersant Perm

In terms of ecology, Perm is unique. In addition to the full-flowing Kama, there are more than 300 small rivers in the city, more than half of the metropolis is occupied by forests, there are 24 specially protected natural areas where plant and animal species are found in the Red Book. Therefore, Perm is a … Read more

The investigation will check the pot and curd – Kommersant Samara

The investigation opened a criminal case under the article. 238 of the Penal Code of the Russian Federation (performance of work or provision of services that do not meet the requirements of safety of life or health of consumers) after hospitalization of 44 students of the Cadet Samara Corps of the Ministry of Internal Affairs … Read more

Virtual value examination – Kommersant newspaper No. 85 (7286) of 18.05.2022

Lukasz Twarkowski’s play Rotkho by Lukasz Twarkowski was released in Riga at the Dailes Theater. The name of the new star of Polish directing is known to the Russian public: in the 2000s he collaborated with St. The theme of his performance is also with us – in it the fate of the artist Mark … Read more

Smolenskaya Gazeta – “United Russia” proposes the launch of projects to ensure the safety of children’s entertainment

News United Russia’s initiatives in the field of summer recreation and children’s recreation will help ensure the safety of children and their employment during the holidays, said Anna Kuznetsova, chairwoman of the United Russia Committee on Maternity Protection. Childhood and Family Support, Vice-President of the State Duma. speaker Anna Kuznetsova. A number of provisions of … Read more

Our life in the “Dense Forest” was shown on the stage of the theater in Svobodny

On March 27, at the renovated Palace of Culture, the premiere of the performance of the national theater “Reverance” based on the play “Forest” by AH Ostrovskiy took place. The theaters, and there are many of them in Svobodnoye, longing for the productions of “Reverance”, met for the first time with the artists in mutually … Read more

The forest descends to China

Russian timber traders, despite the absence of direct sanctions against the industry, faced a foreclosure not only in Europe, which accounted for about a third of sales, but also in other countries due to the refusal of the largest container carriers to cooperate with Russia. Federation. According to market participants, it will not be so … Read more

The Russian model of forest care needs to be improved

The annual growth of forests in Finland is 3.5–4 cubic meters. m / ha per year, while at the same time in similar climatic conditions in neighboring Karelia – only 1.5 cubic meters. m / hectare per year. The Finns achieve this increase by repeatedly taking care of the forest. The model dominates in our … Read more

Samsung’s expensive smartphone is weaker than the ancient iPhone

17 February 2022 18:34 17 February 2022 18:34 | Share The entire Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone line lost the nearly three-year-old iPhone 11 and the budget second-generation iPhone SE 2020 in a performance test. The smartphones were not saved either by the new processor production standards (4 nm), or the graphics created in collaboration with … Read more