how cuttings in Primorye are called reforestation

Roslesinforg named Primorye one of the leaders in reforestation. The area of ​​coastal forests is growing faster than in other parts of the Russian Federation, and of course, the department said. However, according to coastal ecologists, the actual statistics are much sadder. SEE.RU. According to the Primorsky Ministry of Forests and Wildlife Protection of the … Read more

The number of criminal cases in the field of logging has risen sharply in the Altai Republic | infopro54

In the last two years, at least 8,000 cedars have been cut illegally in the Turochak region alone. These are the results of inspections carried out by the Altai Republic Commission of Inquiry into the logging sector in the region. On May 27, the Arbitration Court of the Republic imposed a moratorium on the work … Read more

The prosecutors of Transcaucasia were planting a forest, while the builders were cutting it down

Vyacheslav Pravdin / News, 18:00, May 30 18:00 1970-01-01T09: 33: 42 Once upon a time there was a dense and lush forest in this place. Here, wolves ran after hares, squirrels ran through the trees and in autumn, nature pleased the inhabitants of Sivyakovo village with berries and mushrooms. At the beginning of the last … Read more

The forest, planted six years ago, will go under the bulldozer.

Vyacheslav Pravdin / News, 14:59, Yesterday / 14:59 1970-01-01T09: 33: 42 Spring 2015. Fire, smoke, death. Exactly seven years have passed since those terrible days of the ubiquitous raging element of fire. Tens of thousands of Tranbaikalians then came out to fight the fire with whatever they could get their hands on – from rakes … Read more

The forest is cut down, the sparks do not fly – Kommersant Newspaper No. 81 (7282) of 05/12/2022

The Ministry of Natural Resources intends to allow spraying in protective forests near settlements and financial facilities. Officials believe such a measure will not allow forest fires to spread to homes and businesses. Russia’s Greenpeace insists that logging near residential areas “will inevitably lead to many social conflicts and provoke a wave of popular outrage.” … Read more

Sakhamin Afanasiev on the situation with the specially protected areas of the Amga River Basin in Yakutia

Returning to the issue of logging, the Il Tumen press service asked Sakhamin Afanasyev, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the RS (Y) State Assembly (Il Tumen) on land relations, natural resources and ecology, to comment on the situation. with specially protected areas of the Amga river basin. – Sakhamin Milanovich, what is the current … Read more

12 thousand hectares of forest are to be restored in Primorye this year

The reforestation plan in Primorye for this year includes about 12 thousand hectares. These are areas where the forest will be planted artificially and the conditions for its natural restoration will be created. In addition, the volume and quality of the Ussuriysky forestry will be assessed and a specific purpose for the Vladivostok forestry will … Read more

They cut down the forest – the chairs are flying – Kommersant Newspaper No 20 (7221) of 04/02/2022

Kommersant has been briefed on the details of a high-profile criminal case in which the accused are former high-ranking officials in charge of the Moscow region forestry department. The Russian Investigative Committee (TFR) believes he was part of a criminal group that, under the guise of health and leisure activities, organized the felling of entire … Read more