Who is in the forest, who is in the drone – Kommersant Newspaper No. 104 (7305) of 15/06/2022

Prices for commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Russia have risen more than 30% in recent months and in some categories – tripled, market participants told Kommersant. This is due both to the cessation of sales of Chinese DJI drones in the Russian Federation and, according to military experts, to private purchases for the needs … Read more

Restaurants are exploring a location. How promising is it to open a new business in Russia »alcoexpert.ru

Posted by: Today, 10:08 The Russian McDonald’s, apparently, decided on the name, but not on the menu. Throughout the weekend, the media, citing sources, claimed that the new chain would be called Fun and Tasty and that, despite the assurances of the owners, the old menu could not be saved: for example, Big Tasty and … Read more

Highlanders – and how to deal with them in the new reality – Nauka – Kommersant

Mountaineers are not only people living in the mountains, but also the name of a large number of plant species. They grow by no means only in the mountains – everywhere: in valleys, next to rivers and streams, in wetlands. And often, for example, now, in cottages, where they become a problem: hardy and fast-growing, … Read more

“Radio” and Italian Lilac – Weekend – Kommersant

“Radio” Delicate chia pudding The new work by Alexey Olkhovy, the founder of White Studios, Loft Design and the Blanc restaurant in Khokhlovka, is called Radio and is located next to the eponymous street in the closed courtyard of the Supermetal office space in the Bardin Research Institute of Iron and Metallurgy. It is difficult … Read more

Great projects for promising resources – Kommersant Perm

In terms of ecology, Perm is unique. In addition to the full-flowing Kama, there are more than 300 small rivers in the city, more than half of the metropolis is occupied by forests, there are 24 specially protected natural areas where plant and animal species are found in the Red Book. Therefore, Perm is a … Read more

Areas of Empathy – Kommersant St. Petersburg

The coronavirus pandemic has forced about 20% of restaurants to close, but is being replaced by other mobile cafes, restaurants and up-to-date concepts, better prepared for the crisis and better suited to the needs of the time. According to Tatyana Mineeva, Commissioner for Business Rights in Moscow, one-fifth of restaurants in the capital have either … Read more

Things collapsed – Kommersant Krasnodar

6.5 hectares of forest land were returned to the ownership of the Russian Federation. Particularly valuable plots with a cadastral value of over 400 million rubles. is located in the village of Myskhako (Novorossiysk). About ten years ago, the land became privately owned and was designed for the construction of private homes. The violation was … Read more

Extremely combustion mode – Picture of the day – Kommersant

The extent of forest fires in the Krasnoyarsk Territory increased by 1.6 times a day, reaching 13 thousand hectares. In the area, forces of “Avialesouhrana” are attracted from neighboring areas. A difficult situation with burning forests also developed in Khakassia and the Irkutsk region, where the area covered by fire amounted to 2.8 thousand and … Read more

Fires from space are no longer visible

Russia is entering a period of natural disasters – a state of emergency has already been declared in some parts of the Kurgan and Khakassia regions, and in 42 other regions there are various restrictions and bans on “forests”. The WWF-Russia expert points out that the fires are “above average”, but it is impossible to … Read more

There is no forest beyond the Emerald Coast – Kommersant Krasnodar

The Krasnodar Territory Ministry of Natural Resources could not return more than two hectares of forest in the village of Arkhipo-Osipovka (part of Gelendzhik) to court. By decision of the Supreme Court (SC) of the Russian Federation, the contract for the lease of a forest plot with the construction company Emerald Coast is not subject … Read more