beautiful toy on top

“Verkholesye”, “Atoms” and “Olivki” – import substitution for children and adults As you know, the largest European playground manufacturers have stopped supplying their equipment to our market. Therefore, a difficult task fell on the shoulders of the domestic manufacturer – to provide the smallest (and most demanding) residents of our country with beautiful and high … Read more

Non-locality relief – Kommersant newspaper No. 84 (7285) dated 17/05/2022

Illegal by Yakut director Dmitry Davydov, who surpassed the limits of regional cinema in 2020, when his Scarecrow received the main Kinotavr award. In the new film, he opens another, not the most attractive, side of life of both the Saharan Republic and the whole of Russia. Says Julia Sagelman. The main character in the … Read more

Perepel and Rake – Weekend – Kommersant

Περεπέλ Magic sparrow with kiwi If the “new Russian bar” Perepel had not been opened in the bar complex in Sadovoye by the team of the most experienced mixologist-restaurant Dmitry Sokolov and the managing partner Eva Chernysheva (15 Kitchen + bar), then it should have been invented and opened with anyone else way. Incredibly, the … Read more

Folk and Bijou – Weekend – Kommersant

Traditional Authentic sea bass with a sting The Folk restaurant is a happy child of one of the restaurant’s newly formed triads, whose inexhaustible abundance and strange diversity we have never ceased to surprise. This time, the “who is with whom and where” combination turned out to be new for all three participants, and therefore … Read more

Will the Red Book allow the killing of unique animals?

A powerful member of the State Duma, Vladislav Reznik, has suggested that hunting for those rare animals in the Red Book be allowed. The culmination of irrationality (or cynicism, choose according to your taste) is that Mr. Reznik justifies his proposal with “concern for the preservation of these rare animals from extinction.” However, the policy … Read more

Siberia erupted ahead of time – Kommersant Newspaper No. 68 (7269) of 19/04/2022

Smoke from natural fires engulfed Novosibirsk, Omsk and Krasnoyarsk. The most difficult situation with such fires is developing in Siberia, although a special fire regime that prohibits citizens from visiting forests and entering them with equipment has been introduced in the territory of 14 subjects, including Central Russia and its region. Volga. Russia’s Greenpeace notes … Read more

Gourmet everyday – Style – Kommersant

On the Waves of Memory with Vladimir Mukhin The new set of the most famous Russian chef of our time, Vladimir Mukhin, is called “Back to the Future”. It contains both the trends of the domestic cuisine and the most personal memories of the visitors of Chef`s Table. The aim of the 12-course menu is … Read more

Hunter for heavenly stones – Nauka – Kommersant

The Soviet mineralogist Leonid Kulik, author of works on the meteorite, is best known for his persistent efforts to find material traces of the meteorite Tunguska himself. He was the first to explore the site of the Tunguska meteorite crash, organizing several expeditions to study the area of ​​the disaster. He died a prisoner during … Read more

Parmigiano Group Increases Competitiveness – Forbes Kazakhstan

The history of the Parmigiano Group dates back to 2011. It was then that businessman Almas Abdygapparov opened his first restaurant – Parmigiano Ristorante, in which food, atmosphere and level of service became the standard – synonymous with position and success. The innovative and ideological inspirer of the Parmigiano Group, Almas Abdygapparov, embodied his personal … Read more