Citizens of Tomsk destroy Novosibirsk forest by destroying ring road

© Contribution by Evgeny Glukhov 05 June 2022, 12:08 A new forest deforestation scandal erupts in the Novosibirsk region. Residents of the Kolyvansky area said trucks with Tomsk license plates were removing timber from the area and destroying the local road. A photograph. The “Kolyvan-Pikhtovka” road was broken by timber trucks in the Kolyvansky district … Read more

The forest is cut down, the sparks do not fly – Kommersant Newspaper No. 81 (7282) of 05/12/2022

The Ministry of Natural Resources intends to allow spraying in protective forests near settlements and financial facilities. Officials believe such a measure will not allow forest fires to spread to homes and businesses. Russia’s Greenpeace insists that logging near residential areas “will inevitably lead to many social conflicts and provoke a wave of popular outrage.” … Read more

The former deputy minister passed through the forest – Picture of the day – Kommersant

Former Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for Far East and Arctic Development Alexander Krutikov has been detained. According to media reports, he is accused of exceeding his official powers in granting subsidies for the development of timber processing in the Khabarovsk Territory. Earlier, several officials, especially former director of the Ministry of Industry and … Read more

They cut down the forest – the chairs are flying – Kommersant Newspaper No 20 (7221) of 04/02/2022

Kommersant has been briefed on the details of a high-profile criminal case in which the accused are former high-ranking officials in charge of the Moscow region forestry department. The Russian Investigative Committee (TFR) believes he was part of a criminal group that, under the guise of health and leisure activities, organized the felling of entire … Read more

Lumberjacks – Kommersant Newspaper No. 204 (7166) dated 11/11/2021

Some environmental organizations, including Greenpeace Russia and WWF Russia, are urging Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin to abandon the improvement of the city’s natural areas. According to the plans of the officials, about 28 billion rubles will be spent for the “order” of the city parks. in the next three years. Environmentalists insist that the value … Read more