Top 5 ecological trails in Perm – KP.Ru

For active people, ecotrail is one of the ways to have a good time, with benefits for the health of the mind and body. The flowery beginning of summer is the best time for nature walks, so Komsomolskaya Pravda has gathered a selection of the most interesting and verdant ecological trails in the city. “Road … Read more

In seven minutes and 100 rubles: how the water study of the Birzhevoy bridge works

There are two boats on the route. They operate strictly according to schedule. A photograph: Julia PYKALOVA Last Friday, May 27, two small boats joined the ranks of the St. Petersburg River Fleet. The ships were launched between the Mytninskaya and Admiralteyskaya embankments as an alternative to the Birzhevoy bridge, which was closed for major … Read more

What are the secrets of Serebryany Bor in the northwest of Moscow: we are talking about the ecological paths of the capital

Serebryany Bor, open to visitors, is a natural monument of regional importance. A photograph: Ivan MAKEF This natural corner is like a place where people know themselves as well as the whole world around them. It is no coincidence that after a long day, having collapsed on a free bench inside Serebryany Bor, I want … Read more

A place for walking dogs and trails for athletes: how the inhabitants of Izhevsk propose to improve the forest Kholmogorov

The Kholmogorovskiy forest is a favorite holiday destination for locals. Photo: Ksenia Aksenova On April 7, residents of the Sever micro-district gathered for a seminar to discuss how they want to see the Kholmogorov forest. Here, on the Path of Health, walk athletes, lovers of outdoor activities, mothers in prams. And all of them should … Read more