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The Federation Council called the blockade of supplies in Kaliningrad a violation of international law. The Lithuanian authorities had previously prevented the transit of goods through their territory. We are talking about rail deliveries of products that are included in the black list of the European Union. Kaliningrad region governor Anton Alikhanov said authorities would … Read more

Destroying myths about products: doctor’s sausage is healthy, but pimples on the face from chocolate

The doctor’s sausage was prescribed by the doctor himself and there is only fiber in vegetables – we are told from childhood. What is really wrong with the food that we considered “right” food? Myth 1: Raw vegetables can be eaten in unlimited quantities. No matter how! Undoubtedly, vegetables will help fill your stomach and … Read more

in Europe, the number of “contaminated” fruits increased by 53%

Everything is bad with blueberries, peaches, cherries and celery.In Europe, the contamination of fresh fruit with dangerous pesticides has increased in the last 10 years, writes the Guardian, citing a study. Growth in a number of fruits amounted to 50%. Pesticide residues were found in one third of all apples and blackberries examined. Such substances … Read more

About delicious and healthy food. The mayor’s office discussed the issue of baby food in schools and kindergartens in Magnitogorsk

In order to be able to work in front of the curve, to clarify issues related to the organization of school and preschool meals, a meeting of municipal representatives and journalists was organized. The press conference was attended by the head of the education department of the city administration Natalya Safonova, the deputy head of … Read more

Harvard’s nutritionist names 5 foods that make you feel tired and stressed

Not all people think about the effect of the food they eat on their brain, mood and energy levels. However, the gut and the brain are closely linked and the health of one directly affects the health of the other. Uma Naidu, a nutritionist psychiatrist, brain specialist and lecturer at Harvard Medical School, shares what … Read more

In Russia he proposed the introduction of mandatory labeling of harmful products

The photos from the site pixabay.com are indicative It is proposed that Russian producers be required to label food products high in sugar, saturated fat, sodium and calories with special labels. The author of “20 Ideas for Russia’s Development” Dmitry Davydov proposes the introduction of new measures to combat harmful products in the country. Being … Read more

China cuts timber prices

Given the escalating international situation, China has become the main trading partner of Russia and, in particular, of the Far East. Such an exclusive regime gives foreigners an advantage, but creates risks for the Russian Federation. Representatives of the timber industry, in a conversation with a correspondent of Oktagon.Vostok, said that Chinese importers began to … Read more

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Seasonal basket with fruits, herbs and vegetables. What healthy foods should be included in the diet? Anastasia Chaikina, an expert on the online version of TutNews, is a built-in nutritionist. The principle of seasonality is one of the basic principles of a rational and balanced diet. Nutriciology – the science of nutrition, is the choice … Read more

how to prepare and store food. Expert advice for Tomsk residents

During the May holidays, the summer season and the picnic season usually open. Experts from the Rospotrebnadzor regional department told Tomsk residents how to prepare for outdoor recreation so as not to harm themselves. First, it is necessary look carefully at the picnic menu. The products are best transported and stored in a colder bag … Read more