how cuttings in Primorye are called reforestation

Roslesinforg named Primorye one of the leaders in reforestation. The area of ​​coastal forests is growing faster than in other parts of the Russian Federation, and of course, the department said. However, according to coastal ecologists, the actual statistics are much sadder. SEE.RU. According to the Primorsky Ministry of Forests and Wildlife Protection of the … Read more

Let’s save the forest: over 150 million trees were planted in Russia in three years

Photo: Vladimir SMIRNOV / TASS – Hold your groove! We are not going to someone else! – Brigadier General Alexander shouts loudly into the loudspeaker. He is the one who leads the volunteers who plant forests in the Istra region of the Moscow region. We – and this is about a hundred volunteers – try … Read more

Sargylana Ammosova: Improving forest legislation is a long way off – News from Yakutia and Yakutsk

The expert believes that it is necessary to better understand the problems of the forest industry The forestry and industry of Yakutia are suffering today due to the accumulated problems, the lack of a clear program for the development of the forest complex and the imperfection of the legislation. It is necessary to have a … Read more

12 thousand hectares of forest are to be restored in Primorye this year

The reforestation plan in Primorye for this year includes about 12 thousand hectares. These are areas where the forest will be planted artificially and the conditions for its natural restoration will be created. In addition, the volume and quality of the Ussuriysky forestry will be assessed and a specific purpose for the Vladivostok forestry will … Read more