“Orchids increase sexual drive in boars!” – Chapter C

The tricot orchid blooms in Mordovia! Maria Sosnina, 30, discovered a unique flower, listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Moldova, in her hometown of Krasnoslobodsky. She has been interested in studying flora since the age of 13 and knows a lot about the plants of her homeland. Sosnina talked about the benefits … Read more

“Krechet” does not meet in half – Capital C

The Stolitsa S publication of the Krechet organization, which restricted residents of the village of Kochkur in Kachelai to public access to the forest and water bodies, caused a public outcry. A new investigation has been launched by the Prosecutor’s Office. The results will be announced later. The Ministry of Forests of the Republic of … Read more

“Everyone is running now.” Due to the war, the forest has become unclaimed, paper is becoming more expensive

One of the largest European paper producers, the Austrian group Mondi, announced in May 2022 the sale of its factory in Komi due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. The project was also stopped by the American Sylvamo, the Swedish Ikea and the Finnish Metsa.. We say how company employees react to the departure … Read more

“You have to help the society that helps you.” Ukrainians who left the war spend subbotniks in Poland

Last weekend in more than a dozen cities in Poland, at the initiative of the portal Warsaw The Ukrainians made subbotniks as a sign of gratitude to the country and its people for the solidarity and support they provided after the start of the war. The Present Time correspondent joined the subbotnik in Warsaw and … Read more

“This is the first step in confronting all environmental activists.” If Greenpeace in Russia is recognized as a “foreign agent”

Environmental activists in Bashkortostan have reacted negatively to an initiative by the Russian Ecological Society (REO) to test Greenpeace in Russia and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for compliance with the “foreign agent” status. The Russian Ecological Society (REO), founded in 2018, brings together, according to data on its website, representatives of “environmentally responsible business … Read more

everything about sports and proper nutrition for adults and children – Capital C

Photo: Social networks The research company “Romir” in the framework of the program “Healthy Eating” presented the results of a large-scale study on the diet of Russians. It turned out that the issue of proper nutrition during the pandemic has become particularly important. Healthy eating has ceased to be just a fad, it has become … Read more