In court – Kommersant Krasnodar

The decision of the Leninsky District Court of Rostov-on-Don on the seizure of the Porto Nero restaurant in the village of Bolshoy Utrish as a property acquired due to corruption by the President of the Anapa District Court Vladimir Starodubtsev and his family members came into force. . According to experts, the market value of … Read more

“Small Business News”: Learning to do delicious simple things

Such a “recipe” was given to the participants in the Gastronomic Forum of St. Petersburg by Pskov restaurant Andrey Filatov, writes the News of Small Business. One of the sections of the program of the Gastronomic Assembly that took place recently in our city was called “Gastronomic trends and brands: the best experience of the … Read more

“Radio” and Italian Lilac – Weekend – Kommersant

“Radio” Delicate chia pudding The new work by Alexey Olkhovy, the founder of White Studios, Loft Design and the Blanc restaurant in Khokhlovka, is called Radio and is located next to the eponymous street in the closed courtyard of the Supermetal office space in the Bardin Research Institute of Iron and Metallurgy. It is difficult … Read more

Where to go on the weekend of May 14-15

What to watch Cabaret at the Theater of Nations From May 12 and throughout the weekend, the Theater of Nations will screen the new play “Cabaret” uploaded by Evgeny Pisarev. The theater defines the premiere as a musical without lamps, feathers and a vaudeville feel. “Cabaret” is a musical drama, entertainment on the verge of … Read more

HORECA UP AWARDS revealed the best – Kommersant St. Petersburg

At the Royal Beach restaurant, professionals from the tourist community awarded the best hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg for hotel nominations, as well as the best gastronomic places in St. Petersburg for restaurant nominations. At the awards ceremony, the 55 best restaurants in St. Petersburg, as well as the best hotels in St. Petersburg … Read more

The “Sail” was sent for reconstruction – Kommersant Kazan

The Tatarstan authorities will spend 6.7 million rubles. for the reconstruction of the building on the banks of the river Kazanka, where the Parus restaurant used to be. Instead of entertainment facilities, the Institute of Spatial Planning of the Republic of Tatarstan, established in January, will operate here, which will deal with the “analysis and … Read more

Folk and Bijou – Weekend – Kommersant

Traditional Authentic sea bass with a sting The Folk restaurant is a happy child of one of the restaurant’s newly formed triads, whose inexhaustible abundance and strange diversity we have never ceased to surprise. This time, the “who is with whom and where” combination turned out to be new for all three participants, and therefore … Read more

Patrick and Rocky – Weekend – Kommersant

Paternal Win-win caramel cheesecake Next to the AVA in Bolshaya Bronnaya, another joint project by restaurateur Anton Pinsky (Pinskiy & Co) and chefs Artem Losev and Vitaly Istomin opened under the distinctive name Patriki. This discovery is remarkable as it very clearly articulates the current trends in the Moscow restaurant industry, which is clearly going … Read more

Anton Pinsky: “Both the Russian restaurant business and hoteliers will benefit from this”

The current situation is unprecedented. What difficulties did the catering and club business face? Rising prices, breaking supply chains? Of course now the market is a bit hectic and that is normal. Any changes always lead to a certain degree of instability in the market – the supply of products, equipment, etc. But one way … Read more

A man from Nizhny Novgorod tried to climb a restaurant through ventilation on April 26, 2022

400 million rubles will be allocated for the development of industry and innovation in the Nizhny Novgorod region :: LEVI’S plans to restore the operation of its stores :: The Decathlon store in the Zhar-ptitsa shopping center will close on April 25 :: 400 new trains to be launched in Russia :: YouTube may block … Read more