It will suit the landscape: 19 playgrounds are equipped in Shchukinsky Park and All Saints Grove

Near northwest Moscow, in Shchukinsky Park and All Saints Grove, nearly two dozen modern playgrounds have been equipped. In the past, there were only five playgrounds in this 60-acre green space, which are outdated and unsafe. As part of the regeneration of the territory, another 14 small playgrounds will be reconstructed and constructed, which will … Read more

“Water of Russia” will gather all the Urals volunteers to clean Lake Turgoyak

The largest volunteer event in the Federal District will gather 4,000 people. The action at Turgoyak will be a real celebration for all participants. The volunteers will put things in order in many places along the shore of a huge lake and then organize an entertainment program, delicious treats and useful master classes. Turgoyak is … Read more

Rospotrebnadzor called the main trend in the field of healthy eating

Official representative of Rospotrebnadzor, information curator of the Rospotrebnadzor project “Healthy eating” Ekaterina Golovkova A photograph: Julia PYKALOVA At SPIEF 2022, Rospotrebnadzor spokeswoman Ekaterina Golovkova, Rospotrebnadzor Healthy Nutrition Information Officer, told Komsomolskaya Pravda why millions of Russians have changed their diet over the past three years and are following suit. Finding reliable PP information is … Read more

“Orchids increase sexual drive in boars!” – Chapter C

The tricot orchid blooms in Mordovia! Maria Sosnina, 30, discovered a unique flower, listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Moldova, in her hometown of Krasnoslobodsky. She has been interested in studying flora since the age of 13 and knows a lot about the plants of her homeland. Sosnina talked about the benefits … Read more

Let’s save the forest: over 150 million trees were planted in Russia in three years

Photo: Vladimir SMIRNOV / TASS – Hold your groove! We are not going to someone else! – Brigadier General Alexander shouts loudly into the loudspeaker. He is the one who leads the volunteers who plant forests in the Istra region of the Moscow region. We – and this is about a hundred volunteers – try … Read more

10 reasons to choose Anapa for your vacation

Why you should definitely go to Anapa. A photograph: Eugenia Hilko Anapa is one of the most popular resorts among most Russians. It is in this resort that already in June you can enjoy the sandy beach and enjoy the warm sea. There are many attractions here – each place is unique in its own … Read more

Labeling of harmful products proposed in Russia

Dmitry Davydov proposes, as the WHO proposes, that the advertising of harmful products in the country be restricted and that they be banned from being sold in kindergartens, educational institutions and excluded from the school lunch program. A photograph: Oleg UKLADOV Manufacturers in Russia are proposing to require foods high in sugar, saturated fat, sodium … Read more

Go for mushrooms: how not to lose loved ones in the forest

Summer has come – it’s time for a vacation for adults, a vacation for children and outdoor recreation. Mushrooms and berries ripen in the forests, the collection of which is already a good tradition for many every warm season. But, unfortunately, along with the search for the gifts of nature, the search for those who … Read more

Who is in the forest, who is in the drone – Kommersant Newspaper No. 104 (7305) of 15/06/2022

Prices for commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Russia have risen more than 30% in recent months and in some categories – tripled, market participants told Kommersant. This is due both to the cessation of sales of Chinese DJI drones in the Russian Federation and, according to military experts, to private purchases for the needs … Read more

Mandatory labeling of harmful products proposed to be imported into Russia

The labeling of foods high in sugar, saturated fat, sodium, and high-calorie foods was suggested by Dmitry Davidov, author of “20 Ideas for Russia’s Development.” Labeling will allow the introduction of new measures to combat harmful products. Being overweight is a global problem The problem of overweight is important not only for Russia, but for … Read more