It will suit the landscape: 19 playgrounds are equipped in Shchukinsky Park and All Saints Grove

Near northwest Moscow, in Shchukinsky Park and All Saints Grove, nearly two dozen modern playgrounds have been equipped. In the past, there were only five playgrounds in this 60-acre green space, which are outdated and unsafe. As part of the regeneration of the territory, another 14 small playgrounds will be reconstructed and constructed, which will … Read more

which holidays are celebrated in Russia, in the world and in Kuban

world day Wi–fi World Wi-Fi Day is an international initiative aimed at bridging the digital divide. The purpose of the action is to recognize the huge role of Wi-Fi, which has become part of the lives of many people, in reaffirming the importance of implementing innovative projects that allow those who do not yet have … Read more

Trofey restaurant owners leave the stadium triumphantly –

The Arbitration Court of the Republic rejected the claim of the Kazan Executive Committee for the demolition of the superstructure in the Trofey restaurant of the Kazan developer, the head of the company Etalon Andrei Zakamsky. Legal disputes over the fate of the Kirovsky Foundation have been going on for several years. Twice the arbitrator … Read more

Go for mushrooms: how not to lose loved ones in the forest

Summer has come – it’s time for a vacation for adults, a vacation for children and outdoor recreation. Mushrooms and berries ripen in the forests, the collection of which is already a good tradition for many every warm season. But, unfortunately, along with the search for the gifts of nature, the search for those who … Read more

Mandatory labeling of harmful products proposed to be imported into Russia

The labeling of foods high in sugar, saturated fat, sodium, and high-calorie foods was suggested by Dmitry Davidov, author of “20 Ideas for Russia’s Development.” Labeling will allow the introduction of new measures to combat harmful products. Being overweight is a global problem The problem of overweight is important not only for Russia, but for … Read more

In Russia he proposed the introduction of mandatory labeling of harmful products

Being overweight is a global problem The problem of overweight has long been global and requires a solution not only in Russia. Between 1975 and 2016, the share of obese people in the world tripled among adults and almost seven times among children. According to official studies, being overweight is the main factor in the … Read more

Intermittent fasting: what it is and how to properly organize a diet

Among the followers of a healthy lifestyle, intermittent fasting is gaining great popularity. But without understanding what this mechanism is and how it works, you can harm your body. Nutritionist Olga Ilyicheva answered the most frequently asked questions about this technique “MK in St. Petersburg”. Intermittent fasting is a natural way to slow down the … Read more

This happens to your body if you stop eating This happens to your body if you stop eating This happens to your body if you stop eating This happens to your body if you stop eating For many people who do not like exercise but want to stay in shape, skipping dinner seems like a great way to lose weight. In practice, however, … Read more

Thank you for being alive! Bishkek surgeons performed a unique operation

The life of 39-year-old Jadarbek could have ended at any moment, if not the doctors of the clinical hospital of the presidential administration. The disease ended him, exhausted him, from impotence he could not even open his eyes. From the former young man remained skin and bones: he weighed less than 45 kg. A young … Read more