how cuttings in Primorye are called reforestation

Roslesinforg named Primorye one of the leaders in reforestation. The area of ​​coastal forests is growing faster than in other parts of the Russian Federation, and of course, the department said. However, according to coastal ecologists, the actual statistics are much sadder. SEE.RU. According to the Primorsky Ministry of Forests and Wildlife Protection of the … Read more

Foods for the home. What is at stake in preventive medicine of the future?

Pharmacology uses the experience of observation and study that has accumulated over the centuries A photograph: Shutterstock About one of the main modern trends, which offers an answer to the question “what to do to be healthy?” says the Doctor of Biological Sciences, head. Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of the Voronezh State University of … Read more

What do people need to eat to be healthy?

Victoria Emelyanova became interested in nutrition when she had health problems. Photo provided by the heroine of the publication In many countries, May 29 is the Day of Healthy Digestion and June 2 is the Day of Healthy Eating and Avoiding Overeating. Their goal is to draw people’s attention to digestive disorders and their impact … Read more

Proper nutrition of children is the key to health

Photo from the site: healthy-food.rf Properly structured diet is very important for the normal physical and neuropsychological development of children, increases the ability to work and academic performance, endurance, resistance to adverse environmental influences, infectious and other diseases. What a child should eat In children and adolescents, the need for protein is more pronounced, which … Read more

How to support the body in the spring – KP.Ru.

Photo from Healthy eating.rf After a frost test, the body “runs out of battery”. Let’s talk about how to support yourself out of season. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables When the body is weakened, it becomes “easy prey” for infections. Here an extra portion of vitamins is necessary. Therefore, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables … Read more