Abrau-Durso will host for the first time a large-scale yoga festival “Equilibrium”

On August 20 and 21, the Abrau-Durso Tourism Center invites guests to the first “Balance” yoga festival by Yoga Magazine! For two days, the festival guests will be fully immersed in the culture of yoga, getting acquainted with the basics of a healthy lifestyle, as well as outdoor activities. The Balance Festival will bring together … Read more

We are on the World Wide Web or Who in Russia may be upset by the blocking of new Microsoft software

An expert at Online47 assessed the risks and gave simple recommendations for personal digital mastery This weekend, there was a wave of information on the net: Microsoft seemed to have decided to take part in the “punishment” of the Russians for violating US rules and ruled out the possibility of downloading the official versions of … Read more

Three days Bazhovka. How the festival became a crossroads of Russian cultures

After two years of pandemic, the Bazhov Festival hospitably welcomed lovers of folk art and folklore from all over the country. The festival site, located near the village of Demarino, in the Plastovsky district of the Chelyabinsk region, has been turned into a “city” of people. Here everything took on a national color. The spirit … Read more

Nature parks in Germany – from the Harz to the Upper Danube Germany information and travel tips DW

We have already presented the sixteen German National Parks. Now it is the turn of the natural parks (Naturpark). In West Germany, nature parks began to be created in the late 1950s, but the oldest such German park appeared much earlier – it was founded at the Lüneburg Heath in the days of the Weimar … Read more

“Only shadow businesses may not like this”: five benefits of the Valla-Tunturi project in the Murmansk region

The aim of the new cluster is to attract tourists to Nikel and Zapolyarny. A photograph: Anton ZABIROV The Murmansk region has become very attractive to tourists in recent years. Now that the emphasis is on domestic tourism, the interest has grown even more. There are constant reports in the press about new tourist sites … Read more

Under special protection – national parks in Germany Germany information and travel tips DW

In Germany, there are sixteen national parks (German: Nationalpark), just over a hundred nature parks (German: Naturpark) and more than 8.5 thousand protected areas or protected areas (German: Naturschutzgebiet). The first nature conservation zones appeared here during the Weimar Republic, which included the concept of “Naturschutzgebiet” in 1920. Sixteen national parks, excluding maritime areas, represent … Read more

The large-scale tourist project “Preserved Forest” lacks a decision with a strong will | infopro54

– Alexander Vsevolodovich, in 2014 you announced the project for the creation of the Zapovedny Les park and in 2016 you transferred it to the Investment Council of the Novosibirsk Region. Judging by the report of the investment commissioner, it is still on the list of investment plans of the Novosibirsk mayor’s office marked “to … Read more

10 reasons to love Baden-Württemberg Germany information and travel tips DW

Baden and Swabians, the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb, Heidelberg and Stuttgart, the Black Forest Cherry Cake and the Spätzle Β Baden-Württemberg, located in southwestern Germany, is the only German state created result of a referendum. In a vote in 1952, the inhabitants of the then neighboring regions – Württemberg-Baden, South Baden and Württemberg-Hohenzollern … Read more

Park Savin Navolok can be given for development Petrozavodsk SPEAKS Newspaper “Petrozavodsk” on the Internet

Text and photo: Antonina Kyabeleva On June 3, at a meeting of the Petrozavodsk city council, another painful point was identified, linked to the future of the “green” areas. This time, part of Savin Navolok Park caught the attention of the public. At the Petrosoviet summit, on a huge 11-hectare site in Sainavolok, the urban … Read more