Summer returns to Russia: Earth avoids ‘nuclear winter’

A meteor shower was expected: several dozen “falling stars” per second. Nicely! But better – without such beauty. A photograph: Shutterstock On the morning of May 31, an ominous secular performance was to take place. Earth is supposed to collide with the wreckage of comet Schwassmann-Wachmann. The comet disintegrated in 1995, the wreckage was walking … Read more

Virtual value examination – Kommersant newspaper No. 85 (7286) of 18.05.2022

Lukasz Twarkowski’s play Rotkho by Lukasz Twarkowski was released in Riga at the Dailes Theater. The name of the new star of Polish directing is known to the Russian public: in the 2000s he collaborated with St. The theme of his performance is also with us – in it the fate of the artist Mark … Read more

Fires from space are no longer visible

Russia is entering a period of natural disasters – a state of emergency has already been declared in some parts of the Kurgan and Khakassia regions, and in 42 other regions there are various restrictions and bans on “forests”. The WWF-Russia expert points out that the fires are “above average”, but it is impossible to … Read more

Top winter transfers Spartak, Zenit, CSKA and Lokomotiv. Does it really help to spend more?

In this list is also “Dynamo” with “Krasnodar”. In the winter of 2022, the RPL peaks are very active. Spartak and Krasnodar have already left 13 million euros in the transfer market and Lokomotiv – 8 million. At the same time, at least one more purchase should be expected from each of these clubs. CSKA … Read more

Senators consider issues of preparation for fire hazard »Tuva-Online

The Council of the Federation held a meeting on “Preparedness of the issues of the Russian Federation for the fire-fighting period of 2022”. Conducted by Lyudmila Talabaeva, Member of the Federal Council Committee on Agri-Food Policy and Nature Management. The Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation participated in the discussion … Read more

Transbaikalia catches fire on Forest Day – Kommersant Novosibirsk

In the Trans-Baikal Territory, it was possible to put out a forest fire of about 100 hectares – the first of this season. The fire was not natural, but man-made. The culprit, an employee of a livestock unit, spent agricultural fire and did not watch the fire. The regional Ministry of Emergency Situations notes that … Read more

Addresses, cost, possible for free: what to do if a tick bites

The Kaliningrad region is a natural epicenter of tick-borne encephalitis and the chance of being infected is very high. And the weather: a relatively hot climate and high humidity – contribute to the reproduction of the carriers of this deadly disease, as well as another serious infection – Lyme disease. In this note, we tell … Read more