Remove restrictions for Covid, design code and open Tasty and Point: news review

Dmitry Kandinsky / Important or just interesting news from 13 to 19 June. There will be two days left for the election of the governor of Tomsk The constituency committee of the region decided to hold the voting in the elections within two days – 10 and 11 September 2022. In addition to the … Read more

The bear destroyed the hives in the apiary in the village of Tomsk, the other pulled the horse

Dmitry Kandinsky / Experts are watching three bears that went to settlements in different parts of the Tomsk region – one destroyed the hives in the apiary, the other, according to eyewitnesses, pulled a horse, another bear walks near two villages. It is not yet planned to shoot bears, but such a decision can … Read more

Enjoyable coolness in the heat of summer: favorite ice cream from the Angaria factory

“Agaria” Finally, summer has come, which means that there are great fun walks ahead, excursions to the cottage and water bodies, hot days by the pool and many other interesting things. And what summer day would be complete without a refreshing, delicious ice cream? Take the “Barguzinsky Plombir” with you for a walk in the … Read more

Around Tomsk: trip to Nagorny Ishtan

The online edition of “Vesti-Tomsk” continues the series of articles dedicated to interesting places in the Tomsk region. We will tell you in detail and show you where you can have a good time and relax. Last week we talked about Sandy Lake. Now “Around Tomsk” will introduce you to the famous Nagorny Ishtan. Position: … Read more