Abrau-Durso will host for the first time a large-scale yoga festival “Equilibrium”

On August 20 and 21, the Abrau-Durso Tourism Center invites guests to the first “Balance” yoga festival by Yoga Magazine! For two days, the festival guests will be fully immersed in the culture of yoga, getting acquainted with the basics of a healthy lifestyle, as well as outdoor activities. The Balance Festival will bring together … Read more

Special consumer activity – Kommersant Kazan

In Tatarstan in March 2022, despite conducting a special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, consumer activity continued to recover, which had decreased during the coronavirus restrictions. According to Tatarstanstat data, during the reporting period, not only the volume of retail trade increased, but also the costs of visitors to cafes and restaurants, the … Read more

Gourmet everyday – Style – Kommersant

On the Waves of Memory with Vladimir Mukhin The new set of the most famous Russian chef of our time, Vladimir Mukhin, is called “Back to the Future”. It contains both the trends of the domestic cuisine and the most personal memories of the visitors of Chef`s Table. The aim of the 12-course menu is … Read more

The restaurants – Kommersant FM – Kommersant recorded a drop

Metropolitan restaurants are losing customers again – people have stopped visiting shops because of the coronavirus. According to Opora Rossii and Moscow’s mediator in the restaurant sector, Sergei Mironov, traffic has already dropped by 40-50% last week. Delivery at the same time does not help market participants to offset losses. “How painful the current drop … Read more