“Water of Russia” will gather all the Urals volunteers to clean Lake Turgoyak

The largest volunteer event in the Federal District will gather 4,000 people. The action at Turgoyak will be a real celebration for all participants. The volunteers will put things in order in many places along the shore of a huge lake and then organize an entertainment program, delicious treats and useful master classes. Turgoyak is … Read more

There will be no revelation: the dirtiest city on the planet is overgrown with greenery

A photograph: Valery ZVONAREV Residents of the small industrial town of Karabash in the Chelyabinsk region have long been accustomed to jokes about the third horns on cows and mushrooms with eyes. And in the search you will find a million links to the dirtiest city on the planet. Industrialists came to these places in … Read more

Shower volleyball, fireballs and tornadoes: how the weather in Kaliningrad can scare you in the summer

Tornadoes form over hot water. This was shot over Kaliningrad Bay. A photograph: Weather Group and meteorological events in the Kaliningrad region The weather in Kaliningrad, as you know, is hard to blame for stability – he certainly knows how to surprise. And it’s not just about those cases where the sun shines in the … Read more

The level of radioactivity in drinking water in Estonia is higher than in Europe Nature

The hydrogeologist of the Estonian Geological Institute Joonas Pärn explained that when we talk about groundwater, one can look at the chemical and quantitative status separately. The chemical status is the quality of the water, the quantitative status is the groundwater level. “Given the climatic zone in which Estonia is located, the groundwater here is … Read more

The intestines are constipated: how to spend the holidays without extra load

The author of these lines clearly appreciated the process of healthy digestion. But we only remember gut health when a problem arises. Not only do we eat less fresh vegetables and fruits in the spring, which means there is less useful fiber, which is essential for healthy bowel function, but also plenty of May feasts, … Read more

Flood in Moscow region-2022: high waters attack Kolomna and Lukhovitsi

Photo: Dina KATULEVICH Last winter was snowy, with irregularities and deviations from the monthly rainfall patterns. However, flood forecasts from meteorologists and emergency services were modest. We did not expect much water. A possible blow could fall in the western regions – Mozhaisk and its environs. There is a large hydroelectric complex, many streams or … Read more

Seven key questions about the benefits and harms of water April 02, 2022

People recently celebrated Water Day. It has been celebrated in Russia since 1995 with the slogan “Water is life”. And these are not just words: after all, an adult’s body contains about 70% water. With the help of fluid, vitamins and micronutrients are transferred to the cells of our body, water is needed for the … Read more

KuibyshevAzot reduces air emissions by 6%

Chemists have been helping to restore the Togliatti Forest since 2012. Photo by KuibyshevAzot PJSC. Invest in clean air and water Energy saving and environmental impact reduction are important elements of KuibyshevAzot PJSC’s development strategy. The activities in these sectors are developed and implemented as an integral part of the company’s investment program. In 2021, … Read more

Nutrition tips to help you deal with fatigue after a meal

The body needs food to get it energy, but sometimes after that comes a desire to lie down or even sleep on the nearest couch, something that is not always possible in everyday life. Fatigue after taking food (This phenomenon is also called trophic coma) can occur for many reasons. For example, an abundance of … Read more

The Ladoga monster and the seven Samoyeds

“There are 2.5 million rivers and more than 2.7 million lakes in Russia. And every volume of water – from a mighty and flowing river to a tiny lake in the mountains – deserves attention. Our special project concerns them “. The “Water Treasures” encyclopedia begins with these lines. The project started last year on … Read more