Competitor Elon Musk did not enter orbit – Kommersant Novosibirsk

Krasnoyarsk police in Krasnodar have arrested a well-known businessman Maxim Kulikov, who was added to the list of wanted persons for fraud on a particularly large scale. Due to his ambitious plans to create a private cosmonaut, the businessman was named Krasnoyarsk Elon Musk: he founded the National Space Company and planned to test the … Read more

What to do with nature – Weekend – Kommersant

There are different levels in the environmental movement. One is specific and relatively rational measures, which were initially aimed at improving the human environment and now more at protecting nature from human activities. The second is the religious consciousness, which comes from the sinfulness of man, whose existence destroys nature. At the same time, one … Read more

“Disco dancer” will not interfere with the new owner – Kommersant Chelyabinsk

Sold in Chelyabinsk for 32.1 million rubles. exhibited a dance restaurant “Dancer Disco”. Located in the city center, in the business center Arkaim Plaza, the facility, which includes two rooms with 160 seats and two VIP zones, is for sale with facilities and available equipment. Experts consider the declared amount questionable due to the outdated … Read more

They cut down the forest – the chairs are flying – Kommersant Newspaper No 20 (7221) of 04/02/2022

Kommersant has been briefed on the details of a high-profile criminal case in which the accused are former high-ranking officials in charge of the Moscow region forestry department. The Russian Investigative Committee (TFR) believes he was part of a criminal group that, under the guise of health and leisure activities, organized the felling of entire … Read more

Lumberjacks – Kommersant Newspaper No. 204 (7166) dated 11/11/2021

Some environmental organizations, including Greenpeace Russia and WWF Russia, are urging Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin to abandon the improvement of the city’s natural areas. According to the plans of the officials, about 28 billion rubles will be spent for the “order” of the city parks. in the next three years. Environmentalists insist that the value … Read more