Russified McDonald’s: What surprised the people of Yekaterinburg at Tasty – And this is

Yekaterinburg residents note that they are missing some items from the menu A photograph: Alexei BOULATOV In Yekaterinburg, on June 20, three parts of the former McDonald’s resumed their work. Now the foundation is called “Tasty – and that’s it”. The restaurant “KP-Ekaterinburg” on Malysheva Street to try old – new dishes and find out … Read more

“Two meters from the missile there is a sandbox”: a family from Yekaterinburg left for Donbass to help those in need

Together with his wife, Fagim went to Donbass to help people who were left homeless. Photo: ICPO “Food for Life” – The eye contracted. So what to do? At some point, you realize that such things happen, that you can not stay away, – says Fagim Sadyakov, a programmer from Yekaterinburg. Together with his wife, … Read more

Bed in a tent and Wi-Fi in the forest: we looked at the glamps of the Southern Urals and found out how much they cost

Glamping is a great getaway for the “kids of civilization” who can not live without comfort A photograph: Andrei Abramov Stress, traffic jams, emissions, crowds of people around and messengers who are constantly heard – all this surrounds the inhabitants of big cities every day. That would be going to the forest! But how can … Read more